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People of Ensenada (Firsh)

William Brice

Shirley Brice, William Brice, and Howard Warshaw On a lark in 1949, my father and his close friend and fellow painter, Howard Warshaw, had an itch to paint murals on adobe walls.  So, they jumped in their Willys jeep and drove with their young wives and another couple from LA to the sunny, wide, white [...]

Welcome to the world of William Brice

Brice Charitable Foundation, William Brice

Welcome to, an Online Museum Dedicated to the Art and Life of William Brice and to Art in General—and to this, Our Premier Blog Post. William Brice- I have tended to live in such a way that I could concentrate and that I could, in a sense, immerse myself in what I was doing.  [...]

Brice and Diebenkorn—Divergent Paths to Discovery

William Brice

Brice and Diebenkorn—Divergent Paths to Discovery If you hang around artists for a while, you’ll probably hear words like “choices” or “possibilities”.  What they’re talking about is the creative processes they use to solve “open-ended problems” and the range of choices they have before them in order to do so. Each artist intrinsically engages in [...]