Curator’s Welcome to William Brice

As Curator to the Brice Charitable Foundation I wish to welcome viewers to its website. It has been an honor and adventure to be involved in the creation of this comprehensive site about the art and life of William Brice.

I’ve worked with John Brice, William Brice’s son, as Foundation and website curator since this project’s inception.  When I began, my overall knowledge of ‘all things Brice’ was less than deep; now, it is all encompassing.

While I would have liked to have known Brice in life, regretfully I did not — we met only in passing on crowded social occasions such as art openings. Still, his elegant comportment, ease, and conviviality was obvious.

Now I have come to know Brice’s depth and breadth through his works of art; the photographs of his family, friends, and travels; and, through the words written by him and about him. In spending time on this site, viewers will now have that opportunity as well. 

Through these rich resources I have learned Brice’s overarching story. His growth as a person and an artist is beautifully illustrated; his artistic pursuit was one and the same as his life pursuit; his utter commitment to both his studio and his students, particularly at UCLA, his most enduring association. And I have come to know and appreciate the quality of his art, that intangible essence that cannot be falsified.

William Brice was a fascinating man, talented artist, memorable professor, valued friend, and treasured father. All who are involved with and the Brice Charitable Foundation are very proud of what we have created and now share with the public.